I'm Cosmin Anghel, a passionate iOS Engineer focused on building fast & beautiful applications

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Jul 2019 - Present
iOS Engineer
May 2018 - Jun 2019
Full Stack Developer
Oct 2017 - May 2018
Full Stack Developer
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  • Swift
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • HealthKit
  • MapKit
  • ARKit
  • WatchKit
  • Realm
  • RxSwift
  • Laravel / Lumen
  • VueJS
  • Django / Flask
  • Coordinator Pattern
  • Git
  • Docker
  • Servers / Linux
  • Reactive Programming
  • APIs
I'm fine

iOS app that helps you easily find therapists near you using MapKit. User gets push notifications when the therapist sends him homework. He can track his mood daily and take tests. The app offers full offline support using Realm.

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Swift Realm Offline support Push Notifications

iOS and Apple Watch app that keeps track of your hydration and reminds you to drink water via Push Notifications. All the data is also synced with Apple Health.

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Swift HealthKit WatchKit Push Notifications
DevHacks Hackathon

🏆 Won 1st place 🏆

24 hours hackathon where we created an iOS application using AR Kit and a dashboard to administrate the questions for each kind of game. The purpose of the application is to help kids learn math, astronomy, colours in a fun and engaging way.

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ARKit Swift
Raspberry Pi Robot

🏆 Won 1st place in a university competition 🏆

This project is my final bachelor degree project. The robot can be controlled over the internet using a mobile application made in React Native which connect to a NodeJS server and communication between them is made using websockets.

Server interface is made using Electron and it display the status of mobile application and robot application. Robot application is made in Python and use websockets to connect to server and OpenCV for ball tracking.

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Python OpenCV JavaScript NodeJS Websockets ReactNative Electron
BestEM Hackathon

🏆 Won 2nd place 🏆

24 hours hackathon where we created a mobile friendly web application that aims to reduce waste and help people understand how to manage waste and recycle. Users can report dirty locations by placing a mark on Google Maps and collectors can see that places and clean them.

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VueJS Flask Docker Google Maps API
Bike Blinker

I used two NodeMCUs to create a bike blinker. One of them creates an WiFi network and the other one is connecting to that network.

The microcontroller placed on my electric scooter under my handle bar has two buttons. By pressing one of them, it sends an HTTP request to the microcontroller placed on my backpack. When the microcontroller from my backpack receives the requests, it is starting to animate the led matrix.

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2x NodeMCU Cables Resistors LED Matrix HTTP Calls WiFi Network
Emotion based music player

This application is a desktop app made with PyQt. It accesses your webcam and continuously checks for your emotions in background. Using the dominant emotion from last minute and YouTube API, it searches for a song, downloads it and adds it to queue.

You can also skip the songs if you don't like them and it will play another song for you. The application also has a history, so you don't have to worry about repeating songs.

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Python PyQt Microsoft Cognitive Services OpenCV
Restaurant ordering system

🏆 Won 2nd place 🏆

24 hours hackathon where we created an iOS application for restaurants where users can scan a QR code placed on the table and the restaurant menu will show and you can buy items and the people at the bar receive your command on a dashboard (website). After they bring you the products you can pay and even split bill with other people at the same table.

Swift Flask MySQL VueJS NodeJS
Computer remote control

🏆 Won 3rd place 🏆

This project was made in my first year of university for a competition. I won 3rd place and popularity prize (most voted project by the people who were there). Desktop application is made in C# and the web application is made with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Both of them are connected to a NodeJS server to communicate.

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C# JavaScript Socket.IO HTML/CSS
Mondly Hackathon

🏆 Won 2nd place 🏆

My teammate and I created a multiplayer quiz game for learning new languages. In 10 hours we created a rooms system, a chat per room, multiple game modes, getting points for correct answers and leaderboard.

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NodeJS Laravel Socket.IO